Where Did Your Style Go?


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Tash in her office by  Sitchu

Tash in her office by Sitchu

Fashion is not one size fits all - we all have a different style journey.
I am excited to share my journey to help you find yours.
— Tash

Tash Sefton is a Sydney based mother-of-2 whose professional career has centred around the fashion industry for over 20 years. Tash’s extensive experience has seen her hold senior buying and product development roles for some of Australia’s most successful fashion retailers. Her unique perspective on style has been influenced by years of dissecting global trends for the mass market. This experience, combined with the knowledge of women’s consumer habits and an innate love of fashion, has cemented her “fashion education” and ensures that her outlook on style and fashion is well researched and considered.

After deciding to take the leap from the corporate fashion space 10 years ago, she developed and launched a unique first-to-market global retail destination with her friend Elle Ferguson. Revolutionary at the time, They All Hate Us soon became a benchmark for how online retailing would leverage social media in the years that followed. Subsequently, she has become known as one of Australia's most stylish women and her social media channels admired by women from all over the world. 

Among her many accolades, Tash co-hosted her own makeover show Style Squad in 2016-17 and continues to collaborate with some of the biggest fashion brands in the world. Tash’s professional credits now also extend to her own art business Sefton Segedin created with her sister Hayley Segedin.

A self confessed serial entrepreneur, Tash’s latest venture puts her in the unique position to share her knowledge she has gathered throughout her career with the launch of her new project Where Did Your Style Go, a consulting business aimed at assisting women and men look and feel their best.

Of the launch of Where Did Your Style Go, Tash explains..

"I get contacted on a daily basis through my social media and even stopped in the street with people desperate to ask me questions about fashion and style. Social media can be such an intimidating place for some and I have always found it difficult to answer people in detail through this platform. This lead to the idea of creating a place anyone can read my 'real' advice and implement it into their lives. To me, simple advice is the best advice, especially in the fashion world with so much information out there. Having witness all facets of the industry and experienced insecurities personally, I have found that small changes that can make a big impact on peoples perception of themselves, both internally and externally.

It has also been important to create this next phase in my career. After years of gathering industry and personal knowledge about what works, what doesn't and why -  it is now time for me to share this. I am exploding with knowledge! (and my kids aren't interested yet"). 

"I started in this industry because of my obsession and love of fashion - it's never been about the bling or selfies - but the journey of why I yearn to find the perfect item and treasure it."  - Tash Sefton

For the first time Tash is giving people real life access to her with her consulting service. Where Did Your Style Go is a personal approach to create a bespoke experience for each client.

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