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If you know anything about me, like most of you, I have very limited time to get ready and out the door each morning. After the alarm goes off, and getting my two boys ready for school, I am left with a window of no more than approx 7 minutes and 30 seconds to shower, get dressed and pull together some sort of beauty 'look' for the day. But somehow after all these years, I have managed to simplify the process. I recently had the opportunity to road test a large selection of products from the David Jones beauty department.....I realise this was a very enjoyable (and fun) process! So wanted to share this with you...also creating a video makes it much easier for me to explain the process. 

My beauty goals are simple - A radiant and moisturised complexion is key. I like having the option to wear no makeup or creating this base is perfect for when I wear makeup. 
— tash

A spritz of Equal Beauty Super Mist is the quickest way to stay hydrated when you're on the go and the Foreo UFO is my secret to squeezing in a face mask when I'm short on time. It gets into all of the hard to reach places that a sheet mask doesn't quite get to – and it feels amazing!

 Elizabeth Arden Superstart cleanser, cleans my skin as well as creating the perfect base for moisturing. La Mer Treatment Lotion is like 'liquid energy', it awakens the complexion and drives moisture deep into the skin to improve texture and even skin tone. Followed with cult favourite La Mer Crème De La Mer Moisturizing Cream - very extravagant, but if you get the chance to use it, it is a wonderful product. 

I believe that beauty starts on the inside, which is why every morning I take Beauty Chef's Glow Inner Beauty powder to take care of my gut health and keep my skin glowing. And it tastes delicious as well!

Now you can WATCH my process.

Everyone has their own style of the 'beauty process' but my style is just as I dress. Classic, simple, natural and not over styled or over done. And also achievable whist running out the door after two kids!

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