So what happens when an invitation gets delivered in the mail (yes, this rarely happens, but is still so lovely to receive actual mail!), and the dress code is “dress in your favourite dress…but no black allowed”. I know you are assuming I would just fling open my cupboard doors and select something spectacular from my collection? Well actually this time, I was little “what the f**k do I wear”! You know this feeling right? 

In all honesty, I don’t like a dress code; as for me it’s a rule for how I am meant to look. I prefer to use the ‘dress code’ as a guide for how dressed up or casual the event is, but ultimately dress my way, in my style. Most of the time, for me (and most clients I meet or friends), dressing can be very emotional – as you can use your outfit to show off or hide. AND dressing for an ‘event’ normally freaks people out!

When I think of what I would classify something ‘favourite’ to wear, this consists of denim or the Adidas track pants I wear around the house. So this doesn’t help!

So, I know I needed a 1. Dress  +  2. Something I could pretend was my favourite.

This gathering was pretty special as my wonderful friend was celebrating something big, so I needed to rock it for her. She wanted us all in dresses, as didn’t want us to wear jeans, but also didn’t want to specify how dressy we needed to be. The ‘favourite’ part was a nod to just feeling great in what we would wear, and the host not wanting us to think we needed to buy something new (my girlfriends and I are all having a ‘considered' only’ shopping year). 

This means I wanted to look for something new for the wow factor, but didn’t want to spend a fortune on it………and ummm as well, it was meant to be already in my wardrobe. 

I went online and worked out a dress strategy before I committed to buying anything. The key for me when shopping is to think about my purchases, and how I can wear pieces not just for one occasion. So if you are looking for a dress for the up and coming party season upon us, I have done the research for you! And would like to mention THE ICONIC is having a 30% off ‘Birthday Sale’, so it is a ‘guilt free’ new dress purchase. 

Here’s my guide for for the perfect ‘wearable’ party dress.


Wearing a bright colour can make you feel unbelievable, mainly as the colour can put you in the mood to party! However when selecting a coloured option, remember to think about being able to wear it again. So many of my clients buy ‘going out’ dresses that are worn once for ‘A’ special occasion. Clothes are meant to be worn more than once (this is how you need to think now!) - so choose a style you can wear with a heel for dressing up or with a sneaker for maybe a more relaxed vibe. There are lots of colour trending at the moment so you have an array of fun options. Remember, do not over style your look when you wear a bright - the colour is the statement. Team it back with an opposite bright heel, or more classic white or neutral shoe.

Other ideas…


My favourite pallet is neutral tones - from nude to camel to tobacco. And colour blocking the same hue or mixing variations looks incredible. You will see a lot of this colour pallet on offer in stores, but don’t be afraid of it - these tones are really flattering to wear. My favourite way to style neutrals at the moment is back with a bright! Bright colours and neon footwear looks amazing back with neutrals and really adds some fun to your outfit.

Other ideas…


I am not traditionally a pink girl - but for some reason I find myself being really drawn to wearing pink more often. Pink isn’t about being “girly” anymore, but in fact is more about being cool and confident! There is so much pink on the runway and in the street, so maybe if you are normally afraid of it, embrace it. I love also styling pink with red (accessories or a red lip), back with neutrals (camel or tobacco) and looks fresh and modern styled with white.

Other ideas…


Probably the biggest look of the season, is wearing head-to-toe white. And although it might be odd to wear white to a wedding, white dresses are perfect as the weather heats up for the party season. There are lots of dressy white dresses available, so if you are brave enough …..I say go for white! When I wear white, it makes me feel more confident than wearing a bright colour. White has a style about it and is very noticeable. Wear back with white footwear or neutrals.

Other ideas…


This might be my favourite look - mainly as I love wearing blazers! These jacket style dresses are really versatile as can be worn as a dress, or open over denim shorts, or jeans on another occasion. Also (I know my dress code says no black), but you can get very chic black versions of these dresses, that look amazing worn to work.

Other ideas…


Nothing says ‘party’ more than a printed dress, and designers are really offering stunning options that will put you in the party mood. Again, think about versitility - ask yourself “can I wear this dress again and again”? With a heel, with a sneaker, with a sandal? Try not to select a print that is something you will get sick of wearing, or over powers you.

Other ideas…


Ok the most important part of your outfit - SHOES!!!! You can really say ‘party time’ with a pair of shoes, so have fun when making your selection!




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