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Growing up and having a European background, I always struggled with congested skin. My Mediterranean heritage, as much as I’m proud of it, means my complexion is lovely and olive in colour, yet oily in texture… which means clogged! However, as I get older, I can now appreciate what my mother use to always tell me, “You will appreciate having oily skin because when you’re an adult you’ll have fewer wrinkles than if you had dry skin". Although I’m not sure this is scientifically correct, if I look like my mum at her age, I will be thrilled! 

When I was younger, I didn’t take too much care of my skin and would wash it with soap and maybe on odd days, put moisturiser on. I had resigned myself to the fact that my skin was what it was. However, after having children, my skin changed and I became much more sensitive to harsh, acid based products and synthetic aroma chemicals - fake scents actually give me a throbbing headache or I get a rash. So, when I buy new products, the first test they have to pass is the ‘smell test’!  

Something I’ve added to my monthly budget (yes, I do have this thanks to my children’s school fees!), is spending time on my skin and the anti-ageing process. Unfortunately, due to my severe phobia of needles, there is no better way to embrace ‘natural ageing’ than being too scared of the alternatives. So, I book monthly facials or treatments as I figure giving back to my skin is worth it.  This week I treated my skin with a Jurlique 1.5 hour “Nutri Define Touch of Luxe Defining and Contouring Facial”.  I’m very drawn to Jurlique products mainly because of their pure, natural-based/botanical ingredients, which use natural elements to enhance the skin's naturally radiant glow. I also like that they're an Australian brand doing great things in the beauty space. I even used their baby range on my kids for this very reason. And, I admit, after a rather hectic few weeks, I was in need of some time away from my phone and my head constantly spinning with a list of things to do.

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So how was it? Well, I did leave feeling like I was a ‘glowing goddess’ walking on clouds! Apart from the great feelings, I did learn a lot and wanted to share the following with you.

Step 1 – Replenishing Cleaning Lotion - this product is a cleansing lotion that effectively ‘removes the day' from your skin. As it’s made with macadamia oil, it cleans your skin without removing any natural oils.  I particularly loved how ‘clean’ my skin felt with this lotion. I think it’s very important to ensure your skin is free from make up before you start your beauty regime. 

Step 2 – Calendula-Lavender Hydrating Essence - with just a few drops it’s an aromatic cleansing pre-treatment, which softens the skin surface and opens pores. This preps the skin for better cleaning.  The best part is the smell is divine, a therapy on it’s own!  It really did make my skin feel awakened and I found that my skin was noticeably feeling much smoother.

Step 3 – Daily Exfoliating Cream - the beautician told me under the lights and magnified glass, even though I have clear skin, my pores were clogged… so I really need to be using an exfoliator daily (I always thought doing face masks was enough!). As it’s non-granular, it’s safe to use every day, cleaning deeply to lift away dead skin cells, leaving skin smooth and radiant. They used a steamer and an amazing swirling brush on my skin at the same time for a really deep clean.

Note: At this part of the treatment I had a Purely Age-Defying Firming Treatment Mask - as part of the session was to relax. While this was on my face, I had a neck and hand massage (ahhhhhhh!) and I think at this point I fell asleep.

Step 4. A spray of the Lavender Hydrating Mist - this also doubles as a toner.

Step 5. Activating Water Essence - this step is a must! It preps the skin to absorb the full benefit of the next step… the serum!

Step 6.  Purely Age-Defying Firming Face Oil & Nutri-Define Superior Retexturising Facial Serum - So, I have just been using face oils as I find them much more beneficial than a moisturiser. But I always thought a serum was the same as oil. Wrong. As I just learnt, you actually need to be using both face oils and serums. Face oils are amazing at providing skin hydration and nutrition. They're full of essential oils your skin needs and are easily absorbed. Serums provide deeper penetration into the skin. They can brighten skin, slow the formation of lines and wrinkles and tighten the skin.

So, this new serum from Jurlique is groundbreaking. It has a formula that specifically targets the ‘ageing process' - wrinkles, loss of elasticity and dehydration. It helps to boost the skin for an instant, soft-focus luminosity and moisture levels, re-texturising the complexion for a radiant, ageless look. Your skin feels re-contoured, re-defined and re-energised. Yes, yes, and yes! 

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In order for me to care for my skin at home, I need to mimic this process in the five minutes I normally get before rushing my kids off to school. My big take away from this treatment was to exfoliate daily with the Jurlique Daily Exfoliating Creamand to use the Purely Age-Defyingface oil and a Nutri-Defineserum. And spraying the lavender hydrating mistthroughout the day really does refresh and hydrate my skin… plus the smell calms me. 

I highly recommend taking some time-out for yourself each month and treat yourself (and your skin) to a Jurlique facial. 

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