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When it comes to ageless style and effortless day-to-day dressing, I’m here to share there really is only a few things to remember when building a wardrobe. To celebrate diversity and easy-to-style dressing, I have partnered with Sportscraft, one of Australia's most trusted fashion and lifestyle brands renowned for outstanding quality and consistent fit, to explain Summer outfitting, the styles you need and a few tips alone the way.


Firstly, I want to start off with one of my go-to tips for building a great Summer wardrobe, which can really be applied to any and every season – that is, creating a foundation of separates. There are so many people who think you need a different outfit for every event or occasion in life but the truth is, you just need the right things. I have found that with clever shopping and thoughtful styling, you can achieve so many unique and amazing looks with a wardrobe of classic pieces - especially with a good foundation of well-fitted separates.

Sportscraft is one of those brands to build this wardrobe with as it is absolutely filled with great key pieces that can be beautifully mixed and matched. My personal recommendations would definitely be to invest in a tailored linen suit, an oversized linen shirt (or two, or three!), the new skirt shape, a classic pant, comfortable everyday denim and a good bunch of basic tees. All of these items can be easily worn back with each other to create looks from work to weekend to wherever you’re going!


When it comes to Summer styling, no other fabric springs to mind quite like linen! Yet, so many people are afraid of wearing linen because they either don’t know how to or they simply don’t like the creasing.

Now, I really want to bust a myth - the creases in linen are not flaws in the fabric – they are what gives linen its personality and character and I happen to think, they are what makes linen particularly beautiful. Additionally, when shopping for linen, I recommend going up a size or two as I really believe linen looks best when styled with a slouchy fit. (Sometimes, you’ll even catch me in the menswear section shopping for myself as  I really love the fit of a man-styled shirt!).


When it comes to basics, often people think they are too plain or boring to carefully consider as a core part of their wardrobes. For me, this is not the case. Without great basics, it’s really hard to build versatile looks. Whether you are looking for something casual made of a cotton jersey, or something dressy made of silk or linen, basics are a fundamental part of creating a dynamic wardrobe. So, don’t let  your basics became the bottom of the list! They are seriously important.


you don’t need an entirely new wardrobe, just classics in beautiful summery fabrications.

pieces that can be styled together for casual, workwear or night.

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