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On our last family trip to Italy, apart from the beautiful memories of our family swimming and eating (and me shopping) our way around the country, there was the additional, ever present, ominous issue of how much luggage I had packed. Sure, when there’s no pressure, it’s a bit of a running joke and my husband always makes a point of taking photos of me at train stations and airports surrounded by my pile of luggage. However, the joke ends abruptly when he has to lug yet another suitcases off an extremely crowded train, in the intense heat, under the impatient, unsympathetic glare of passengers wanting to get off, while simultaneously worrying about someone running off with a bag. Poor thing gets so stressed. After each frantic dash, without fail, he always asks (this is the clean version), "what on Earth have you packed in these bags?".

The honest answer is that I have a packing problem. It’s like there’s this little ‘fashion fairy’ hovering over my left shoulder saying, "what if you need it?”. Well, I’m proud to announce that I’m changing. I’ve learnt my lesson and I’m motivated (not to get a divorce..haha) to travel lighter so I can enjoy the freedom to explore places without the restrictions of excess luggage, and let’s face it, the hassle. One thing that really helped was the recent dicovery of only taking cabin luggage. It’s a real game changer! I recently road tested this new concept which I think you’ll love too. It all starts with only packing an overnight bag for a week away. Do you think it’s possible?

Well, I’ve recently been working with the much loved Australian label, Mela Purdie, who are known for their effortless style and use of technical fabrications that takes the 'work out of dressing'. The brand is designed around women’s careers, travel and juggling everything in between. But what works about it is it's simplicity and smart fabrics which means you caring for your clothes is hassle free - they call it “clothes that travel with you”. And you know I always talk about building your wardrobe with CORE and basics before adding fashion and trends (are you sick of me saying this yet?!). It really is all about the building blocks for your wardrobe, and it’s the same rules you need to remember when packing for work trips or holidays. And I always get asked to recommend fashionable pieces for a broader size range, and this range is available from size 6 to size 24. 

If you’re like me and want to pack an overnight bag for a week away rather than three suitcases, here is a 10 style guide to getting away while looking effortless amazing.



I love to wear on holidays clothes that make me feel relaxed yet feminine. Maxi dresses or long skirts are the answer to this. And amongst all the black and white you have packed, it's nice to have something printed to break it up. 


This style is so classic and always works. It is a favourite staple of mine and always packed when travelling. This style also comes in 9 it's one of the tops you can own multiple colours of. 

Wearing -  Printed maxi skirt , boat neck basic tee in white, tan sandal , basket


I always like to pack pants when travelling as they look dressing but are normally really comfortable. A stripe or even printed pant is a good option as they are something different to black or denim, but always work. 

Wearing - Striped pant, white long sleeve shirt, white sneakers


A really classic style that can look casual or dressed up, all depending on your shoe. When flying I always wear a pant, rather than a skirt or pair of shorts. Mainly as I tend to get cold, but also just like to look dressed nicely. These pants  are a perfect straight leg and really flattering. They are also viscose spandex so extremely comfortable, but look lovely on. 


A shirt alway looks crisp and classic, but normally a headache for travelling. Who wants to iron when they are on holidays?! The technical fabric of this shirt avoids creasing so you can pack and then wear it! It also is available in 13 colours - another style  you can own multiple colours of. 

Wearing -  Black straight leg pant, white blouse, black sandal


Ohhh I love these pants! They say holidays and style all in one. Lace pants can be worn really chilled out and casual or dressed up and sophisticated. And these pants are are stretch lace so perfect for travelling and relaxing in. They also come in black, which also would be perfect to pack. 


Finding the perfect white shirt can be a challenge. But I just found one...and for you too! It is made from a really lovely soft yet structured fabric, that doesn't need ironing and is available in 13 colours. Wear buttoned up or un buttoned and more relaxed. 


Perfect for layering, or worn by itself - the tank top is an essential for travelling. 

Wearing - White lace pant, white pocket shirt, tank top,   tan sandal & basket

9. classic SKIRT 

A black or navy skirt is always a good idea to pack, as can be worn on all occasions. This one is in a stretch black lace, and like the white pants looks really chic while being feminine. 


A white or black t shirt is a must must when travelling. However I found a woven t-shirt style rather than a jersey style. This means the style is more dressy while being really versatile to wear. Can we worn with the maxi skirt, pants or lace skirt. 

Wearing - Lace stretch skirt, white shirt, ......also check out the woven t-shirt


So next time you are taking a trip, think of me when you are packing and this check list. Trust me, It is much calmer to travel with a smaller bag. Just remember, realistically there are shops everywhere so if you really really feel you have forgotten something it's a good excuse to do some holiday retail therapy (but I never said that! xx).


Don't forget to make a comment below....I love reading your thoughts. 

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