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Getting dressed everyday can be stressful. So, like your desk at work, email folders or the kitchen bench - you need to have your space organised to be able to think straight. There are a few key wardrobe principles which will really change the way you think about the stress of getting dressed. 

Clutter is simply delayed decisions.

Get serious with yourself. If you haven't worn an item in the past 12 months today won’t be the day either. Pull out anything from your wardrobe you honestly know you won’t wear.

If the item is sentimental, store it. If it's ugly and smells, bin it. If you think someone else would like it, donate it.

Build a wardrobe rather than rely on trends.
— Phoebe Philo

Stop buying lots of stuff and invest in core wardrobe pieces. You can still add some fashion flavour...don't worry! But really, really look at all the 'trendy' clothes you have worn once, and once only, and remove them. Remember this when you are tempted to buy the next fleeting fashion fad! Remember BUY LESS CHOOSE WELL. 

Disclaimer - if you have fad designer gear, sometimes it's good to store them as they can be collectable in the future or hold onto them for your kids. I just found my mum’s Dior saddle bag from the 90's and its heaven. 

I have nothing to wear.

Put organisation into the space you have created. Sometimes you forget what you have in your wardrobe because it's all squashed in. You need to treat your wardrobe like a shop. Re arrange it by category. 1. Jackets 2.  Long dresses 3. short dresses 4. white tops etc. And if possible try to hang everything rather than have draws of folded clothes - whatever you can't see you won’t wear. 

TIP: use thin hangers rather than wooden or chunky ones that take up valuable rack space. Wooden hangers do look nice but are totally impractical. 


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