During my long career in fashion I’ve had countless interviews where I’ve been asked what my favourite pass time is.  I know I should have a meaningful response such as... ‘Reading a great book whilst saving native animals.’ but my answer is some people’s greatest fear. I love shopping. Yes, shopping is my favourite thing to do alongside binge watching TV shows on Netflix.

My love affair with shopping is pretty much my mum's fault and I love her for it. She, like me, has an appreciation of clothes. Not for the brand and bling, but for the beauty, the way new things make you feel and how amazing that moment is when you have saved up for that classic item (Chanel 2.55 Classic Flap bag for example) and finally own it. However, take my husband whose mother worked as a fashion editor for Australian Vogue and grew up being dragged to shops as a kid. He now absolutely refuses to go shopping as an adult. I have never understood what all the drama about shopping was until recently I went shopping with a client who clearly struggled and would have preferred to gouge their eye out with a spoon . Having witnessed it first-hand I now get it. Here are a few tips to help those who suffer from Officinaphobia (this is a real thing!). 

Firstly, know your mind.  I think it's really important to understand what clothes you like wearing and feel comfortable in.  This way you aren't persuaded to buy something that you will never wear. It's ok to say ‘No’ to a sales people. Even if its marked down to $10 doesn't mean it's perfect for you.

Go alone or with someone whose opinion you trust (or me....!). The client I was shopping with recently told me her husband needed to ‘Okay’ the dress she loved and felt amazing in, because if he didn't like it she wouldn’t feel confident wearing it. Always remember you wear clothes for you first!. 

Don't be fixated on what "size" you are. Every brand has different sizing. You can look terrible in a size 10 in one brand but look amazing in a size 10 in another brand. Go up or down in size to suit the style of the garment and your body. I mostly buy size medium or large because it suits my build as I'm tall. 

Don't judge an outfit by the mirror in the change room. There are so many factors that make change rooms depressing. Instead, get someone to take a photo of you wearing the outfit. Stand on your tippy toes to mimic wearing high heels (everything looks better this way!). Then before you make the decision, walk out of the store and look at the pictures without the pressure of feeling like you must buy! 

Lastly, maybe online shopping is for you. You can try things on in the comfort of your own home, in your own time and return them if they aren't right. Warning, be careful as the ease of online shopping can be very addictive!


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