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Have you ever seen inside a Kardashian wardrobe? Try googling "Mariah Carey's closet" for a huge dose of OMG. We all have experienced wardrobe envy at some point. Even though it has always been my dream to have one of those celeb style wardrobes, when I find myself wearing my same favourite things most of the time, I have realised I am just as happy with less. The secret is to have a lot less, but  carefully selected, quality core items, in my wardrobe. 

Imagine if you only owned 12 pieces of clothing and 3 pairs of shoes. Before you freak out - just think of the benefits. You would only need a small wardrobe, packing a suitcase would be a breeze and think of all the money you would save. However, the main benefit for me in owning less is that it takes the stress out of getting dressed. You are effectively using a formula; ‘A + B = outfit!’

Not yet convinced? Is it safe to put your wardrobe on such a strict diet? Could it be possible to get dressed, day in day out, on only 12 pieces? 

With good basics you will have endless options.

The key to this type of dressing is investing in good quality core and classic pieces. If your clothing fits well and is good quality it will wear well. With my own core wardrobe, it has taken me time to build the perfect blueprint - based on colour, type, fit and style. I am living proof that a consolidated wardrobe (or wardrobe diet) really does work.  Following is my shopping list, tricks and tips. 

NB: In order not to starve you completely of your fashion fun (or addiction), you can add some flavour to your wardrobe slim-down with accessories:  shoes, handbags or even jewellery. For example, adding red pump, a monogramed clutch or an animal print scarf can reflect your personality and spice up your look. I recommend if possible to save up for a designer handbag as this can be worn as a statement piece and enjoyed every day. 

THE SHOPPING LIST (this is a trans-seasonal list. It changes slightly summer to winter.)

1. Trench Coat - the ultimate chic item of clothing that never goes out of style and can be worn dressy or casually. Simply by adding a belt you can also wear it as a dress. 

2. Something striped - even if you are over stripes, you can't deny how fresh they look. I love a stripe and think it lifts any outfit. This item could even be a striped shirt, or striped georgette top. 

3. Denim Jacket - another one of the pieces that never goes out of style and always works. 

4. Tailored Pants ( but not black) - this item could be a pin stripe, white or tan coloured pant. 

5. White T-shirt - this will be your saviour that can be worn dressy or to the beach. (in my wardrobe I have a black and grey also).

6. Black or Navy Blazer - a blazer is so versatile. It means 'business' but also is just cool. If you find a longer length one it can double as a black dress. My motto is if you have no idea what to wear, wearing a blazer. It always works with any dress code. 

7. White Shirt - a classic white shirt on a woman is very powerful. Wear it to work or open over a swim suit. I love wearing my husband’s shirts as they are oversized and I love the crisp fabric. 

8. Black Skirt - it can be the same fabric as your blazer or can be a fashion skirt. In any case, it's essential. 

9. Denim Jean - find the perfect pair and live in them! They get better with age. Stick to crisp blue and a slim or skinny leg as it’s more flattering. 

10. Black Dress - the perfect style can be a ‘dressing life saviour’. Spend time finding the perfect cut to accent your particular body shape. 

11. White 'pretty' top - look for lace or something with a feminine detail. It's is very useful and having something pretty to wear always works.  

12. Black Pant - if you can match the fabric of your blazer to these pants you can then wear it as a suit. 

SHOES: If you only have 3 shoes in your life. A class black and nude heel and a white trainer is a perfect starting point. 

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